ATV training is FREE for you if you have purchased a new ATV with us.

If you have recently purchased a new ATV with us in last 3 month than you are eligible for a free training. You will get trained in one of our 2 ATV sites in Bangalore, India, If you have not purchased ATV with us and still want to enroll in our training than kindly fill up the application form and email us to get enrollment.
It is very important to learn key ATV safety tips crucial to your first ride.

For those not eligible for free training, the ATV safety guide course cost is  14,000 for indian nationals, AND 250 USD or equivalent foreign currency for foreign nationals.

Try Before You Buy ATV

If you take the ATV SAFETY GUIDE  and then decide to purchase a new ATV with us , than  you may be entitled to a full refund of the cost of the course

Call or Email to Find Out More…

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