Basic Checklist for the day

To checked by the facilitator / guide in charge

Before the activity:

  1. Walkie talkie batteries charged and ready to be used
  2. Adequate staff to run the activity (minimum no. of certified staff to be present depending on the activity)
  3. Indemnity logs printed out and ready to be filled. To be filled before the activity starts
  4. Operating equipment checked and kept ready for use
  5. The activity concerned inspected and passed for use
  6. If there are potential concerns they have to be rectified before the program
  7. First aid in place
  8. Water bottles kept ready and concerned staff told about the water requirement
  9. Area around the activity to be checked for any other hazardous material.
  10. Back up plans put in place for sudden shortage of staff and weather conditions
  11. Volunteers briefed in advance and they should have signed waiver

After the activity:

  1. All  customers finished riding.
  2. All equipment checked and kept away in its appropriate place
  3. The area checked for remnant equipment’s.
  4. Batteries removed from the walkie talkies and both kept away in their appropriate place.
  5. If required incident report filled in, signed and filed.
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